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Levels of service - latest reports

Water UK produced a set of standards that developers and others can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of infrastructure for housing development. Since July 2015 Water UK has been reporting on levels of services achieved.

The quarterly report measures water company performance in dealing with a broad range of activities which are essential for housing development against levels of service that customers, developers and self lay organisations can expect in relation to the provision of water services infrastructure.

Water companies are publishing this data to provide transparency about their performance and to help drive improvements. These standards also form part of the government initiative to publish levels of service for all utility providers.

With effect from 1 April 2020, water companies will in addition commit to provide particular levels of service to their NAV customers. These performance standards were developed by a joint working group of water companies and NAVs. It is anticipated that a number of these standards will be incorporated into the D-MeX system in due course. Water companies will be publishing performance against these standards and that information will be available from this page. It may not be possible for this reporting to start before the second half of 2020. In the meantime, details of performance can be obtained from individual water companies’ developer services teams.

The new levels of service can be found here:

Water UK Los System NAV metrics

Quarter 1 (Apr-June 2020-21)